Ardalan Othman

Ardalan Othman is chief executive officer of Regional Telecom Group, which includes Fastlink under its holding umbrella. Fastlink is the leading data service provider in offering the highest quality data service by using the best technology available today, 4G LTE. Fastlink 4G LTE was established in 2013 and is a fast growing local telecommunications company aiming to offer the same technology that only the most developed countries have been able to do thus far. Focusing on speed, Fastlink created its now famous slogan “Be the Fastest” which is recognized throughout the region. Mr. Othman has been with the Group since 2008, and after the launch of Fastlink in June 2013 he was named to his current position. Within this short period he has been able to situate Fastlink with the highest market share for data in the region by increasing its subscriber’s base by two hundred percent (200%). With lots of ambitions and goals, Mr. Othman has been tackling each one including creating segments of customers to offer plans that are customized for each niche. One of the successful niche markets in Internet that Fastlink caters to is providing a censored package for families, especially those with children. This package prevents users to visit unsolicited websites, or those that parents want to ensure their children do not explore. Fastlink offers 4G LTE coverage in all three major provinces in the Region, Erbil, Sulaimaniyah and Dohuk, however Mr. Othman strives to offer blanket coverage in the Region and eventually in the entire country. He is diligently working with his technical team and the Kurdistan Regional Government to provide service to every household. Along with the UN, Mr. Othman believes that Internet is a necessity and should be available to the entire population.
Mr. Othman graduated at University de Picardie Jules Verne (Amiens) with a degree in MBA in 2011 with having other certificates from different places. He has been in the telecommunications industry for the last 10 years and worked with a few other telecommunications companies in the region. When beginning his time with the Group that owns Fastlink, he started in the commercial department and gradually moved up to CEO position due to his strong dedication and entrepreneurial mind-set.